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Aircraft Ntf Floor Remove Machine



Invention for the effortless removal of NTF (Non Textile Floor) material applied to the floor panels of galleys and washbasins, which are called wet zones in the passenger cabin of airplanes, and also for the removal of floor coverings that are glued to the floor surfaces in hospitals, government organizations, corridors, office work environments. has been.

SUBJECT: As it is known, NTF material applied to the floor panels of the kitchen and sink areas (Non Textile Floor) is applied because the interior structure of the aircraft does not absorb water and provides resistance against corrosion, as the floor panels are not damaged.

Ntf material, due to the wet areas during the maintenance of the aircraft, after being adhered to the floor panels, passengers and service crew also walk on it, adheres even more strongly to the ground.

For this reason, it becomes quite difficult and troublesome to remove the Ntf material from the floor panels of the aircraft with manpower.

The removal of the relevant material from the aircraft is done by manpower and this process is still ongoing.

Removal of Ntf materials constitutes an important place in terms of cost, man hours and health.

We can give the following information about the work done in the maintenance on this subject;

For example, Ntf (Non Textile Floor) dismantling of wide-body (Boeing = B777-B787 --- Airbus = A330-A350) type aircraft takes a full day shift with 4 men and

 this plane; It has 3 zones, front, middle and rear, so 4 men are making intense efforts to remove the Ntf, which is glued to the floor on the plane for 3 days, with their body forces.

Our Technician Friends who work in the removal of Ntf material will be permanent over time;

Low back pain, wrist pain, hernia, meniscus and similar Occupational Diseases are seen and due to these reasons, serious health problems at an early age meet.

These situations cause serious loss of man hours.

SOLUTION:Thus, the NTF (Non Textile Floor) stripping machine we designed provides high financial savings and employees with less man-hours.

 We have ensured that it can be removed from the aircraft in a simple way without exposing it to any occupational diseases.Dismantling tests were carried out with 2 people.

Our device is on the plane It works quietly with 220V supply.This device we designed does not make any cutting and damage on Ntf material, with its round cylindrical structure, Ntf e any it performs the dismantling process without damaging the floor panels without any damage.When removing Ntf from the floor panels with the machine, the cylindrical structure of the device moves in the dismantling direction, so there is no injury or damage to the panels.If you wish, you can easily remove only Ntf except Mylar with the machine.However, the structural management of the aircraft requires the removal of Ntf and Mylar together to prevent corrosion in wet areas.Thus, by removing the floor panels, a detailed examination of corrosion is carried out inside the aircraft.This machine we designed,It is an indication that Ntf dismantling works, which are still continuing with manpower, are now dismantled in a healthier, easier and more practical way with the machine.Social distance rules have become serious due to the Pandemic (Covid-19), which is on the agenda of the world now and is increasing day by day.We anticipate that using the device with a maximum of 2 people at the time will save a lot both in terms of human health, occupational safety and cost.

        Working Principle of the Machine:

About load and force application of NTF device;

The weight of our device is between 15 and 20 kg and it is an elliptical machine that 2 people can easily carry and take on the plane.

Ntf material that needs to be removed from the plane is cut into 30 cm and 45 cm strips.

We do not recommend cutting these parts to larger sizes, as this can damage both the machine and the structure of the floor panel.

In order to facilitate the dismantling work, the cut Ntf area is lifted upwards about 5cm and 7cm in length and placed in the channel opened on the machine roll.

The person in charge of the machine starts at low speed and the Ntf is removed from the floor panel.

 Calculation of the area and volume applied to the floor

The total pressure of the drum of the machine to the ground is 123 nm, and the applied force varies between 30 nm and 100 nm.

Our drum, which does the dismantling work with this power, is 30 cm long and 10 cm wide

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